Handgrip and knob
With Boteco, quality is certified.

Quality is the major issue for Boteco.

Since 2000 Boteco Srl, always observant of international market laws, runs its business with an EN ISO 9001:2008, compliant company quality system which was duly awarded in November 2005 through the French BVI, with certificate n° 231261 of 29/03/2018. this choice influenced the company's entire industrial process, from design and production to management of commercial and logistic services. Our aim is to give our customers the possibility of being competitive on today's market and to guarantee a prompt service from the time the product is ordered to its delivery. The quality-prince ratio is a guide line for the Boteco company policy.

In over twenty years of activity Boteco has developed products, know-how and services directed towards bseveral particular sectors of the traditional Italian production market: the costruction of machine tools and the construction of wood-working machines. This experience has been acknowledged and recognised by the respective industry associations:


 A further guarantee for sector operators is the knowledge that Boteco is a qualited and competent partner, who is fully aware of the latest innovations and who can be relied on to provide customised products and the most appropiate technical solutions.

The Boteco catalogue inclused several highly qualified and specialised CE-market products that guarantee strict compliance with all the safety requirements laid down by European standars. An additional assurance to facilitate the work of machine designers!

All Boteco products manufactured since 1999 have been designed with CAD 3D programs. specifically, Boteco has adopted the popular US software Solidworks ®. Since 2002, we have increased our design stations to four; moreover, product design no longer simpli involves the final piece, but it also includes all the components and moulds, as well as assembly and remachining. This has made it possible to enhance the quality of the products, reduce the production times and completely eliminate design errors. An excellent result acknowledge by Solidworks ® itself witch on 27 November 2005 included us in its accredited service and product supplier network, giving us the possibility and right of advertising this accreditation by means of the Solidworks ® Manufacturing Network Partner Logo.