Handgrip and knob
Control handles: design and quality from over 20 years!

Boteco is a modern, dynamic company situated at the foothills of the Alps in the province of Vicenza. The company recently relocated to its new, innovative premises, bringing with it all the experience and know-how from over 20 years of working in one particular field: knobs, handles and enclosure hardware for all situations.
Our catalogue is available in 9 languages and it is widely distributed throughout the world. It offers the customer over 400 different models that generate more than 15,000 variations, all top-quality production, backed by ISO 9001:2000 certification awarded by the French Bureau Veritas, a complete service making it possible for our customers to be at the forefront of the market.
To describe Boteco we can use adjectives such as: "young, fast, dynamic". All the main functions are at the complete service of the customers to satisfy their every request, although our organisation's strong point is our engineering office which boasts four three-dimensional CAD CAM stations, one of which is equipped for functional simulation. This is where our new models and moulds are conceived, designed and constructed.
Boteco has always believed in the research and development of new products. Consequently, they have invested in design technologies, research and work organisation. Innovation is also achieved by regular mechanical testing of the handgrips, to verify any changes made to the materials, moulds and inserts.
In line with company philosophy, the main moulding department is equipped with modern CNC presses. Brand new plants have also been installed for conditioning of plastic materials, thermoregulation of moulds and process controls. Increasing production as a means of offering more competitiveness, is our ongoing primary objective.

A high standard of quality is only achieved with optimal work tools, which is why Boteco produces their moulds in their own internal workshop. Precision, flexibility and experience are the main features of a department which over time has built up a bank of more than 450 moulds.
By working and collaborating with major woodworking and metalworking machine tool manufacturers, the need arose to adapt our handgrips to their technical and production specifications. This was the impetus which led to the development of our workshop that is fully equipped with CNC lathes for the production of metal inserts to be incorporated in our products. We can produce small and large batches, standard or customised, which guarantees a flexible production with reasonable costs and the possibility of executing additional machining on moulded parts.
Our logistics department manages and coordinates the entire flow of materials which encompasses a transit volume of over 40 million pieces every year, subdivided into roughly 23,000 code numbers. Three teams of storemen ensure that all orders are filled regulalrly while managing to ship over 15 million items every year, to all parts of the world, from America to Africa, from Europe to Eastern countries.